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White Oak Kitchen Remodel

Character Grade White Oak Kitchen Remodel in Traverse City, Michigan

Here is a lovely restoration in character grade white oak. It is a warm and welcoming kitchen remodeling job we had the chance to perfect for a client of ours in Northern Michigan.

This hardwood restoration is full of personality and classic flare from the character oak.

Character oak has its own interesting aspects that make it one of the more unique woods we work with. One of the greatest things about working with white oak is how beautifully and easily it takes and holds a stain.

It’s the cleanest wooden slate that nature can offer and it allows us all kinds of opportunities to get really creative in designing new hardwood floor installations or restoring vintage or antique hardwood floors.

Additionally other features and details of this kind of wood give each job a distinctive look.

Character Grade Hardwood

The type of wood used here is called Character Grade hardwood and it’s ideal for achieving a clean, crisp, hardwood floor that works well with rustic, country homes. Though it can easily be used as a unique and stunning alternative to the plain, traditional flooring found in many un-renovated floors we come across.

This type of wood has different aspects of it that makes its’ appearance unique. The wood is marked with varying knots, wormholes and other natural formations and marks that give it wholly different personality and character, hence its’ name.

Character Grade hardwood is one of those types of wood that gives each floor a different look. Your floor will never be a carbon copy of the ones you may see here or even those in the homes of your friends and neighbors.

Keep in mind also this wood’s ability to make a stain look perfect fresh out of the can every time with little to no waiting time for end color results. That means that you can test colors swiftly and determine the best stain for your home right away.