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Mackinac Island Inlays

Custom Multi Wood Inlay Flooring Installation in Mackinaw Island, Michigan

This is one we’re really proud of. It’s a custom multi wood inlay flooring installation that we designed, constructed and installed for a Mackinaw Island, Michigan home this year. The home itself is located right next to the world famous Grand Hotel.

We used three different types of wood here in order to create a stark difference that could be easy to see and hard to ignore. We used the inlays to stand out in the rift and quartered white oak that’s inlaid into the other types of wood.

Specifically for this job there were three woods utilized for the base and all inlays. The woods used are White Oak, Brazilian Cherry and African Walnut. Each of these woods was cut and the inlays were placed with surgical precision; each piece being made to fit together flawlessly.

These types of inlays are easy to make mistakes with. There is no margin for error in how these carefully crafted puzzle pieces fit together. You not only want, you genuinely need each piece to match perfectly and to do this well you need skill, training and firsthand experience. Only with a culmination of these things would a project of this nature even be feasible. So unless you’re a professional yourself, you’ll want to hire a team to do the kind of custom inlay work you see here.

With all the work that it took to complete the conception, design and execution of this sizable project seeing it all come to such a stunning close is a real treat. We take great care and put a lot of ourselves into our projects. We care for them and our clients so we always love it when everyone goes home happy and we can close the day with another job well done.

Feel free and enjoy the pictures and message us any time you have questions or are interested in a quote.