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White Oak with Grey Stain

White Oak with Grey Stain in Randolf Condominiums, Traverse City

The floor shown in the images here is a little different and rather special. As it turns out this wood, though called “white oak”, it’s not exactly wood but a cleverly created replica. These photos show one particular example of a finished floor of this specific faux wood flooring type.

This particular example is currently located in the Randolf Condominiums just across the Bay in Traverse City, Michigan. It is a type of man-made wood that is engineered so well that it behaves just like natural hardwood floors do. This flooring here is gypcrete with a light layer of grey stain applied over the white oak finish.

Faux Wood Flooring Installation in Traverse City, Michigan

These floors are specifically engineered to have mush the same properties of wood with the same level of wear and tear durability as its inspiration. This flooring can even be sanded multiple times over, just like natural hardwood. This means that over the years you have the opportunity to change the entire look of your flooring many times over without needing to start with a brand new floor each time. This saves incredible amounts of time, money and trees.

Though this material may act and seem like natural hardwood it is installed in a completely different manner. For starters the condos themselves have gypcrete poured onto a floor layer for fire protection and prevention. In panels these sections of flooring are glued down using a green glue substance that acts as a moisture barrier that holds back 45% of the moisture within the gypcrete floor itself. So not only will it function just like your grandmother’s hardwood floors it will be able to retain enough moisture within making it highly flame resistant. This unfortunately is probably not the case with your grandmother’s old floors.

That being said, perhaps someone should look into that.